Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday, I saved the World

Took off Fedora Core 6 and installed openSUSE 10.2.

Yeah, I'm fickled. But I started with SuSE way before Novell bought them. And before the "deal" with microsoft.

And since I'm running Windows Vista on my Laptop, I figured I should have the latest Linux Distro with "WOW" too!

I'm coming to the conclusion that the "Desktop" may not matter anymore. And as the inventor of a very smart sorting technique called: ' baysean sort' (whose name I can't remember right now) recently said: Windows is dead...Google has won.

Well, maybe not quite THAT far, but since the greater part of our current computing lives revolves around "Web 2.0." and AJAX this and AJAX that, it's getting closer to the truth all the time.

When my wife, who knows nothing about Windows OR Linux, does just fine 'thank you' clicking on the Firefox or KDETV icons and away she goes. Accessing the web is really all anyone really needs. And Google is the Top Dog there and getting Bigger all-the-time.

Anyway, I'm back up and running.

A few more personalization more and I'll feel right at home.

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