Friday, November 23, 2007

The Wonders of IMDB

The Atomic Cafe (1982)

Goodnight, My Love (1972) (TV)

Richard Boone (I)

Biography for
Kurt Russell (I)

Michael Parks (I)

Full cast and crew for
"Then Came Bronson" (1969)

Harlan Ellison

Biography for
Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach Filmography

All these links represent some of Grist for the Mill you can Glean from the Wonderful online site called: IMDB (Internet Movie Database).

Next to Google, I go to IMDB.COM constantly. A forgotten feature of IMDB is that it also shows when a searched movie title will next appear on TV.

As a sidenote: My Open Sources Blog has a detailed explanation of Beagle searcher and the value RSS feeds.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Podcast Central Listing

Podcasts have nothing to do with iPods.

I listen to them on my Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) thank you.

There is no mystery about my favorite, it's Leo Laporte's TWiT.TV podcasts. I'll update my list of Favs here on TWSTW's blog.

Here we go: (The green highlighted text is the Link.)

NPR (National Public Radio) podcasts: For Louie.

TWiT (This Week in Tech) podcast: The Master of Podcasting, Leo Laporte, who just won Blogcast of the year award from xxx, at a ceremony in Vegas. He aslo gave the Keynote Address.

SECURITY Now! podcast with Steve Gibson. Yeah, that Steve Gibson. I remember seeing him at OCTUG (Orange County Trs-80 User Group) some 20 plus years ago.

FLOSS Weekly podcast. Free Libre Open Source Software has done interviews with several heavyweights of the Linux community, including Miguel De Icaza of GNOME and Mono fame, and the creator of Python, the Great Dane, Guido Van Rossum.

MACBREAK Weekly podcast. Not just because of the iPod, the Mac should be on every tech's "what's happening in the Mac World." radar.

The GILLMORE Gang podcast. Here because the hosts have been on TWiT many times.

Revision 3:DIGGNATION podcast with Kevin Rose, owner of both Revision 3 and, and formally from TechTV.
ROCKETBOOM Daily podcast with Joanne Colan, a girl that talks tech.

SCOBLE Show podcast with Robert Scoble. Also a regular Twit.

DL.TV podcast Robert Herren (the Photoshop and Video Guru) and Roger Chang (the Digital Camera Lab Rat) from the TechTV show. Formally hosted by Patrick Norton and Roger Chang. Patrick has moved over to Systm Video podcasts.

REVISION3/SYSTM podcasts with Patrick Norton and Jim Louderback also from TechTV show. Previously hosted by TechTV alumni Kevin Rose.

REVISION3/TEKZILLA podcast with Patrick Norton (Sarah Lane subs) and Jessica Corbin. Yep, also from TechTV.
Here's Three Picks from Louie:

Remember Route 66?

The Past IS Prologue. Or as Spock would say: Remember. ..."Old Time Radio."

If you're going to be fanatical about something, here's a good place to start:

Thanks Bro.

Okay that about it for NOW, more coming Real-Soon-Now...

Later, Wingman.