Saturday, September 25, 2010

TWSTW Post Thursday Comes Back for a New Season of Innuendo and Mirth

The Cogs of The Oracle Rolls Downhill 
more quickly Than Up

by Fallow Candor

The phrase that sprang to prominence this week on MSNBC was:

Defending the Bush attempt to solve problems "Like Drunken Sailors..." 

Which was uttered by a combatant on one side of the "Health Reform Bill".

  The reaction of his opponent made me think: This is not a new volley, this has a ring of History behind it.  

By chance I've been listening to David McCollough's Pulitzer Prize winner John Adams.  

Adams is writing to President Jefferson, a lop-sided conversation with 4 letters from Adams to 1 of Jefferson.  And Adams is trying to coax the reluctant Jefferson to explain his reasoning for his siding with the French Revolution as a child of the American Revolution.  Since Jefferson liked using the allusion of ships at sea being tossed about by heavy storms, Adams rebutted in kind and compared the captains at the helm were reacting like "drunken sailors..." 

To that I say, in my favorite cliche: The Past Is Still Prologue.

Much is being made of Woodward's book Obama's War. But we can be reminded that to a hammer everything is a Nixon.


Fallow Resinate