Sunday, February 3, 2008

Naked Flight 201

OK, the Flight number is bogus, but the first trial of a Nudist Flight is Not.

Here's the News Report from

An eastern German travel firm, OssiUrlaub, is now taking bookings for a nudist day trip from Erfurt, Germany, to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom. The trial excursion is planned for July 5.

Watch it, snapping that Seat Belt...

Searching for Billions
After spending 10 Billion trying to get into the lucrative internet advertising business, and trying to nudge section Gorilla GOOGLE, Windows offers
43+ Billion for Yahoo!
Mad Money
(Good Name)
with Jim Cramer says it's a GOOD DEAL
for both.
Spending 43 Billion for a Searcher that is

still losing market
share and staff
(Last week they let go 2000 workers),
is hardly a GOOD IDEA.

Sorry Jim.
Sorry Bill.
Sorry Yahoo!