Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blog Or Webpage, Which is Better?


Which is Better?
(I'll be using a lot of Initials in this piece, but I'll try to define it in the latest terms)

IMHO (which means: In My Humble Opinion) the Blog (which came from: Web Log, but turned into something else) Wins every time.
In fact, most Webpages are really Blogs in disguise.

What has caused this change in expression? The answer is CMS better known as Content Management Systems (meaning programs), which can be reduced to the terms: Content Formatters. Which is an extension of CSS Cascading Style Sheets, a way of easily changing the Look of a Webpage. CSS was the door opener, and the shift from static webpages that just sat there (and didn't draw much attention) to dynamic webpages (also called: Web 2.0), which bounce and dance all over the place. (some, Admittedly to the point of distraction--too much going on).

I believe that next to video (aka YouTubing), flash animation ( an Adobe program) has become the new king of the web.

Okay, what does CMS programs give you?

Headers, footers, sidebars (right columns,left columns or both), themes to coordinate styles and colors.

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