Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Technology, Old Idea...

Want to know what it was like "Saving the World On Thursday" meetings?

Check out Leo Laporte's TWIT Podcast. Except for being better funded and the Tech Natterers talking by webphone from different locations, it's us, 20 plus years ago.

And, like us, the TWITs don't have an AX to Grind.

They shoot from the Hip-Pointers (yeah, most of them are Old, like us).

We would Chat (face to face) about the current state of technology.

I was an Insider, working at the Shack, from the TRS-80 model 1 to the model 4. We met in Chuck's Living Room and took turns on his computer which started as the Commodore and then Atari and finally the IBM PC.

I remember typing in lines and lines of Data from current PC magazines and cursing when we got a number or two wrong.

Chuck's daughter cut her computer teeth there too. I mention that because she now takes care of Sun's Microsystems Web Site.

My son, is the creator of the Homebrew (Lua Player based) game PSP Duck Hunt, and PSP Missile Command (Youtube video here).

So the torch Has been passed to a new generation.

Besides computer Chat we also watched various videos. Mostly Science Fiction or Comedy. Lucas, Spielberg and Kubrick all expanded our universe view.

This Blog is a tip of the Hat to the Past and a starting point to a recreation of those "Good Times" using the current technology. By using a computer with internet connection, we can meet again "On Thursdays", via Webphones and a Streaming Podcast.

Our efforts in doing this will be discussed and explained here.

Stay tuned.

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