Sunday, February 18, 2007

Base Camp Revisited:

Back in the early 80's, me and my brothers would meet in a secure site and ponder the world of computers. We worked on machines of the day and quickly saw that THIS was something special. We programmed in Basic and Turbo Pascal 3.0 on the IBM PC, The Commodore, Atari, the IBM PCjr and even Radio Shack's COCO (The Color Computer). We read a lot of SCI-FI stuff and listened to Hour 25 on KPFK, which had a great host Mike Hodal and had lots of Science Fiction writers on the show.

This Site is dedicated to all the "Good Vibrations" created by those digital and analog moments.

We'll talk about copying data statements from magazines like "Compute!" and cassette based magazines like CoCo's Chromasette based in Goleta, CA. For "Old Timers", The Color Computer link above (in green) will lead you to the machines of that Era.

See you NEXT Thursday.

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